Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Video 3 Home Canning Tomatoes; Tomato Sauce & Salsa

Learn how to make and can tomato sauce and salsa, plus instructions on how to can whole or crushed tomatoes, in this third video of the series. The video podcasts are to be used with detailed instructions and recipes on CanningUSA.COM If I Can, You Can! video podcasts are ten to twelve minute instructions for each canning method. The first being the easiest, beginning with jam and infused fruit, moving into the second which teaches how to preserve fruit in syrup and how to can homemade pie filling. The third teaches how to home can delicious, ripe and red summer tomatoes whole, diced or in your favorite tomato sauce! The fourth podcast shows how to can vegetables and soups and the fifth is about canning chili, ste

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