Thursday, January 8, 2009

Voice Activated Telephone

To begin with, I have MS and have no control over my arms or legs. I am a salesperson who is busy on the telephone all day long. That is an amazingly rough mix. A friend told me about a voice activated telephone. I purchased one 6 years ago and never looked back. I am able to control this telephone and each of its features through a small paddle switch that I connect to my shirt and also with a wireless headset. I simply tap the switch with my chin and my headset prompts me with a beep. I say "Dial", it asks me for the telephone number, I tell it the number, the telephone repeats it back to me and then dials the number. I make contact with no stress . When the call is completed , I tap the switch with my chin , it beeps and I say , "Hang up " No stress. It controls every function of the telephone such as Flash and Raise/Lower Volume. This telephone is available as a standalone unit or, a version is available that can operate via your computer. Either way it's a wonderful product. A link to the company is below.

This company focuses on Voice Activated Equipment. I don't have any experience with their other products. Good luck

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