Thursday, January 1, 2009

Swimming Pool Lift

Back when my arms were functional, I used a swimming pool lift to get in my pool. I have an in ground pool. All that was needed was to drill a hole into the deck and place cement at the bottom to prevent the lift from touching earth. The lift is then installed in the hole and a portion of it rests against the wall to the pool, (Luckily, I have helpful friends. Not a major job at all, but I could not do it). A garden hose is attached when the lift is going to be used. You do not need to turn the hose on full blast. I would transfer onto the seat, turn the crank and in seconds, I was safely in the pool Cooling Off. The manufacturer also has/had a version similar to a Hoyer lift where the person in the wheelchair has a sling placed behind him/her by a helper and the straps are connected to the lift. The crank is turned and the person is safely placed in the pool. I do not know if that version is still available. A link to the lift that I have is on the right side of this blog.

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