Friday, January 2, 2009

TV Remote Control -- Hands Free

I have a Universal TV Remote Control that is totally hands-free (after set up). I lie down on my couch or bed, wake up the remote and tell it what channel I would like. FoodNetwork, Discovery, etc. it is a wonderful product and is rather inexpensive. The product does have some drawbacks. Because it is a low cost voice activated product, background noise can change channels automatically/accidentally. Also, sometimes it is difficult to program certain words. I have learned to live with those things and have gotten rather smart at programming some channel names. For example, HBO has several channels. I call one of them, Funny Box. Everything works just fine I included a link on the right side of this blog. Good Luck


  1. Hey Rich,
    I have a pointy head. Do you know of any equipment that I can use to stretch my hats so they fit better??

  2. I have a voice activated remote also. I call it "wife"

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