Friday, January 16, 2009

Electric Stimulation

I can't really exercise right now so, we have to take steps to make exercise automatic. Exercise of any kind is not an option for me. We have an Electric Stimulation machine. It wasn't very expensive. Pads are placed on certain locations of given muscles and once the process is set in motion, my muscles receive electrical current for eight seconds and nothing for six seconds. This On/off process occurs for 12 minutes. Muscles are either flexed or extended depending on pad placement. I don't breathe hard or sweat, but the muscles are being worked. You do not have to set the machine at the highest level. Higher settings are not better. Suffering is not required. My chiropractor gave me some advice on therapy with it. I highly recommend that your physical therapist, chiropractor or doctor show you the ropes for pad placement (to ensure a healthy flexion, extension) and level setting. There is a link off on the right of this blog for a stimulation machine. Please let me know if you use an electric stimulation machine and in what way/results you get. Thanks

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