Tuesday, January 6, 2009


I use a wheelchair. That has solved a big number of issues for me. However, some new issues have been created. Just sitting in the chair all day lets gravity press down on me and the back of the chair presses against my back. All to the detriment of my lung capacity. I also cannot do aerobic exercise. The result is that my lung capacity is lessened. My voice is not as loud and strong as it once was, I cannot yell to someone and my speaking starts and stops because my Air runs
out. When I am in a loud place, people can not hear me speak. I need to wait for a break in my near constant muscle spasms to get a Big Breath.

The way I combat that is to exercise my lungs using a PowerBreathe. Three times per day with 40 of my hardest breaths used during each session. It has helped me a lot. My issues are not solved, just lessened.

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