Saturday, May 19, 2012

Beyond Reality - Hell's Kitchen Recap 6/22/10

Beyond Reality - Hell's Kitchen Recap 6/22/10 Last week Autumn & Scott were told to switch teams. Challenge - catch pigs that represent ingredients & make three dishes that pair the ingredients in 45 mins. It was a tie as usual but the men pulled it out on the third matchup. The men's team won a day at a spay & the ladies had to wash the pigs. Its Barbeque night at Hell's Kitchen. Its so popular its double booked. Each team will take a turn cooking for 2 hours while the other team serves. The ladies went 1st and did OK despite Autumn trying to sabotage them. The men's team went next & Maria & Holli weren't trying to sabotage them but messed up quite a few orders. Ramsey said it was the worst service this season. F

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