Wednesday, October 19, 2011

[WATCH]: Illegal Aliens in LA riot in response to a drunk, knife wielding Illegal being shot by police

Tensions flared Monday in the immigrant neighborhood of Westlake as dozens of protesters and Los Angeles police faced off at the site where a day laborer was fatally shot by police a day earlier. The angry crowd gathered at 6th Street and Union Avenue, a bustling corner where Los Angeles Police Department officers said they were confronted Sunday by a knife-wielding man who refused commands to drop his weapon. The protesters, claiming the man was unarmed, used a bullhorn to shout in Spanish — "Assassination!" "Assassination!" and "We want justice!" — as they marched along 6th to the Los Angeles Police Department's Rampart station. Onlookers watched from their apartment windows, while others joined the procession as LAPD officers

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