Friday, October 21, 2011

[WATCH]: TS3:Beach House "Hawaii Modern Style" (Verison 3.0)

***I Don't own the music It goes to there owners Akon,Lil Wayne,Young Jeezy [universalmotown]*** *UPDATES* As of 5/30/10 ======================================================== FINAL VIDEO CAME OUT! CHECK IT OUT! As of 12/25/09 ====================================================== OK! The final verison still feels more improvement. So far I Improved the following: (Outside the house) The Garage is now know to be one of my unquie styles of a Garage, I have walls on it on and It looks like a cottage or Beach garage. And I also added more fences so robbers can only enter one way which would mean getting caught with bugler alram. On the 3rd floor there is now the following improvements: You can now enter from the back L

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