Thursday, October 20, 2011

Cell phone charms / Cell phone straps Collection in 2010/11

Cell phone charms / Cell phone straps collection
1.Bear Crystal Cell Phone Strap (3 color)
This Cell phone Charm Strap features crystal little beads knitted cat, it is very loveable and beautiful, it is wonderful cell phone accessory. * Brand new high quality Bear Crystal Cell Phone Strap. * Unique in the market. * Professional handmade. * Fashion and unique design item. * Cute crystals organized figure make your phone more shinny. * Perfect addition to your phone, DC and other portable devices. * Easy attach to most cell phones, of course, can also be used with your camera, MP3/MP4 player nano /shuffle, PDA, bags, etc.
Compatible with: * iPhone * iPod * BlackBerry * HTC * All Phone * MP3/MP4
Package content: * 1 x Bear Cry

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