Monday, June 13, 2011

[WATCH]: Air Hogs Titan Glider RC Funjet Conversion

My homebuilt "Funjet" made from a converted AIR HOGS TITAN GLIDER ($10 - available at Target) Equipment and stats: Controls: elevons & rudders Motor: Motor from E-flite P-40 300 Warhawk ARF (not sure of exact motor specs) Prop: APC 8x6 SF Batt: 3S 600mAh lipo ESC: E-Flite 10A E-FLite S-75 servos (3) RX: Spektrum ar500 Radio: Dx5e Construction Materials: Titan Glider, packing tape, wire (control linkages), plywood (firewall), hot glue, 6-pennies (weight for proper cg adjustment) WS: 34" Fuse Length: 24.75" AUW: 11.5oz.

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