Sunday, May 29, 2011

Car Security: Wireless Motion Alert Kit-600' Max Range

Wireless Motion Alert Kit-600' Max Range

List Price: $169.95

Wireless Motion Alert Kit-600' Max RangeDAKOTA ALERTTransmits on UHF channels

List Price: $169.95
Your Price: $169.95-
Don't be caught unaware. Protect your home or business from unexpected visitors. The WMA Wireless Motion Alert system sends an immediate alert when a person or car enters your property. The transmitter operates on one 9V battery, is weatherproof, and easily mounts to a tree or post near the driveway. The transmitter uses a infrared beam to detect people or vehicles to a distance up to 80', then sends a radio signal back to the receiver, which can be placed in your home up to 600 feet away. Dakota Alert WMA-3000 / Includes one Transmitter and one WR-300

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