Monday, May 30, 2011

[WATCH]: Motorola DROID - How to Create a Nandroid Backup - Part 2

PLEASE READ - PLEASE READ - PLEASE READ - PLEASE READ ***** NEW STEP ADDED**** Step number 3 has been changed, please make sure you do this, it was NOT covered in the video, I'm so sorry.. Thank you to all that have pointed this out. Before doing anything you MUST BE ROOTED How to root your droid Download this file Follow this guide if you need extra help Step 1 Download DroidRootHelper and Terminal Emulator (Jack Pelvich) Both can be found FREE in the market. Step 2 Open DroidRootHelper, Click menu and download the TOOLS - Click on GET THE TOOLS Step 3 After downloadin the TOOLS from DroidRootHelper, you must extract them (becuase its a zip file) to the root of the sd card

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