Tuesday, May 31, 2011

[WATCH]: Crutchfield Tailgate Contest Winner

The Grand Prize Winner of Crutchfield's "You dream it, we'll help you build it - Tailgate Dreams" contest, Michael S., decks out a 16-foot trailer with a larger than life BBQ grill and sound system. www.crutchfield.com Michael S. describes the BBQ trailer tailgate system project: "Growing up, my family was always in the concession business. One of my fathers buddies came across a 10-foot long galvanized propane tank and thought it would be perfect for the large grill my family needed for its business. My dad and a few friends went to work cutting and welding and then found a suitable trailer to mount the tank to when it was done being turned into a grill. My family used the grill for 15 years or so like it was. My dad passed away whe

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