Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Official Selection and Winner of Best Actor for the Bondi Short Film Festival 2009 AWARDS - 48 HOUR FILM PROJECT 2009 "People's Choice Award" "Best Script Award" "Best Male Actor Award" "Best Film Runner-Up" "Best Directing Runner-Up" "Best Cinematography Second Runner-Up" "Best Editing Runner-Up" "Best Female Actor Runner-Up" This film was made for the 48 hour project. The following items needed to be included: LINE: One of these days... you'll realize I'm right" PROP: Torch CHARACTER: Jim Gordon - writer GENRE: Romance Credits - THE MAGNIFICENT PRODUCER: Foster TARA SCRIPT WRITERS: CHRIS BYRNES TARA FOSTER NATALIE LONG CELESTE DODWELL LEE LONES MEGAN OCONNELL DUNCAN FELLOWS ANTONY ROTH CAMERA/DOP: PAUL SLATER SOUND: RHYS LOANEY Lig

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