Sunday, July 1, 2012

Hugo Movie Review

The Fricken Film Critic reviews Hugo. Yup, that's right, that one movie that looked like a children's film and marketed as such. It's kind of dark actually, but only when you consider the film's subtext and motif of time. The Fricken Film Critic delves into that in the actual video, so I don't know what I'm blabbering about. Silly ol' me. Did you know that Hugo was directed by Martin Scorsese and adapted from the book The Invention of Hugo Cabret written by Brian Selznick? I did! The movie stars Asa Butterfeld or Butterfield, Chloe Grace Moretz (hit girl), Sacha Baron Coehn ( Borat ), and Ben Kingsley. WOWZA'S what a cast! But I bet your wondering, was the movie as it should've been? WATCH THE REVIEW AND FIND OUT

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