Friday, July 6, 2012

Auto Blogging + Social Bookmarking = Traffic + #1 on Google

I have posted before about all of the above and really think
it is time to revisit this topic because although I have been getting on page 1 of Google, I have just gotten to the number one spot with a blog post that I did not create.

I use WordPress Robot to post for me based on a number of keywords in my niche. I then change the title to make it better because many people do not like to keep their titles brief and I do. Then I syndicate my post out to a number of syndication sites using the plug-in WP Syndicator. Then I send out my post to a large number of Social Bookmarking Sites using

A day or so later, I look up my posts in Google and see where they are. The link below will show you a Google page a post of min

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