Friday, December 23, 2011

How Squeeze Pages Works

Article by Anne Mwithiga
Recently, James Grandstaff revealed somethingthat I found quite interesting…If you've been around the IM (internet marketing) scene for awhile, you've most likely heard the term "squeeze page" before, right?At least that's what I thought.Well, James surveyed approx. 500 people on his list who are interested in making money online. Many stated they were interested in affiliate marketing, product creation, MLM, etc…One of the questions was "Do you know what a"Squeeze Page" is?"68.05% answered yes and 31.95% answered NO.To be honest…I was shocked that 31.95% said no.What about you?In light of this shocking survey data I decided towrite this post today to go over the very basicsof what a squeeze page is and

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