Friday, June 19, 2009

My Wellness and My Nutrition

I Post a lot about nutrition. I strongly believe, and I think the articles that I have posted back up the fact that multivitamins are great, but do not perform the entire job. Plant Chemicals, also known as Phytochemicals have a major job that multivitamins simply can not perform. It’s like asking a car to blast off like a rocket ship. Maybe it can, but the tools are just not there. Plant chemicals provide the synergy needed for the Nutrition to actually get to your Muscles and Organs instead of your toilet. I guess you can say that Fruits and Vegetables are more economical items for nutrition than multivitamins. What you pay for, your body uses.
I would also like to admit that I distribute JuicePlus. That is why you see a link on this blog. I will admit that I believe JuicePlus is the reason why my body is strong. I used to get the flu every year, but have not gotten it for 10 years. I am not a doctor or a research scientist so, what I just said are my words alone. I cannot say that JuicePlus has kept me well, I can just say that I have had no issues for 10 years. Coincidence?
That is dramatic, but you should know that I have MS and I am totally paralyzed. I can not move and this article is being written with my voice. When you can not move, your body does not move around its fluids very readily. That alone can lead to health issues. I am healthier at this point in my life than I ever have been. I will shut up now because I do not want to repeat myself. I would really like to hear about other people and any issues they are forced to deal with. Please post on this blog, send me an e-mail message or a link to your website so that others can hear about your success.

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