Thursday, March 12, 2009

Remote Power Switch for my computer

I do not have the use of mod hands, arms or legs. I used the program Dragon Naturally Speaking to control my computer with my voice. It works very well, but sometimes as you all know, the computer has a mind of its own and needs to be rebooted.

Recently, my friend from Casmar Consulting modified my computer to eliminate a password at start up. I guess I trust my wife. Last night, I had a Remote Power Switch added to my computer. I now have a power switch attached to my shirt. When my computer gives me fits, I can power it down and reboot it using the Remote Power Switch. When it comes back up, and a password is not required, Dragon NaturallySpeaking is set up to open up with the computer and I am back in business.

Since I cannot use my arms or hands, the TRIVIAL task of reaching over and pressing/holding the power switch is impossible. Now it’s possible due to my Remote Power Switch. Contact me with any questions.
Good luck

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